A new Software Developer for NICIS

As demand continues to rise from the user-base, NICIS welcomes a new staff member. This month, the group welcomed Binjamin Barsch to the CHPC.

Binjamin is joining the CHPC Research Group as a Software Developer with appointment date, 15 July 2020. He is joins from Flightscope where he has been involved and leading software development projects for a number of years.

My name is Binjamin Barsch, pronounced Binyamin. I was born and raised in Cape Town. I currently stay in Kenwyn with my wife. I went to Stellenbosch University where I graduated with a bachelors in engineering in mechatronic engineering in 2012. I also received a masters in engineering from UCT in radar and electronic defense in 2018. In 2013 I started working at FlightScope, a company based in Technopark, Stellenbosch. They design, develop and manufacture sport projectile tracking devices using radar and camera technology. I worked there for 8+ years focusing on radar firmware for the golf, tennis, and athletics products and software development for data analytics, mining, processing and visualisation. I was also the athletics project team lead. My interests and hobbies revolve around learning languages, part-time teaching, robotics, IoT, and parkour. I am excited to join the CHPC as I want to make a positive impact in South Africa. I want to contribute in developing cutting-edge technology and research that will make an impact in South Africa and uplift our society.

In Welcoming Binjamin to his team, CHPC Research Manager, Werner Janse van Rensburg said: “We are excited to welcome Benjamin to the CHPC and we are looking forward to the contributions he will be making to the success of the CHPC and NICIS. Most of us (including him) are of course still locked-down and working from home, but we will make sure to properly welcome him in person at the CHPC when we are all back at work. We will however, be scheduling a virtual welcome via Zoom for him to be introduced to the wider team”.